Hannah the Narrowboat - our life living on the canal

Pop by and say hello!!!!

We love meeting new people so if you ever find yourself at Gayton Marina then come say hello - we are the first boat after the swing bridge! Wine is the most welcome gift you can bring us and we are especially fond of pink wine (yes I know it's for girls but I like it!!!).

In all seriousness we are actually very happy to share our experiences and any knowledge that we have gained over the years with anyone who wants to listen so please feel free to fire over any questions to us via the following links:


Paul (aka Paulus the Woodgnome): CLICK HERE TO EMAIL

Lee (aka Ladygnome) CLICK HERE TO EMAIL

Business services

If you want a website like this or perhaps need help setting up a blog or other web based social networks then feel free to get in touch by email CLICK HERE or give me a call on 07595 180010 - you can check out http://www.paulmasseycreative.co.uk to see what I can offer you - there are not many designers that hold meetings aboard a narrowboat!!!!

On the other hand, if you need a haircut then it's the lovely Lee that you need to speak to at Studio 55 in Dunstable on 01582 665535. She is also a very talented knitterist so flick her over an email by CLICKING HERE if you need a beautifully designed bespoke knitted item!

Paul and Lee near Gayton Marina