Hannah the Narrowboat - our life living on the canal

Coming to visit us aboard Hannah the Narrowboat?

This page is really intended for our friends and family who are coming out to play with us but if you stumble upon us out on the cut or at Gayton Marina then please do feel more than welcome to come and have a chat and a cuppa (or something stronger) with us, we are a friendly bunch (although the dog is a grumpy old sod) and we love company.

Finding us

If you have satellite navigation then simply punch in NN7 3ER and that will get you close enough to find Gayton Marina (if that is where we have agreed to meet). If not then simply punch that same postcode into Google and that will show you where the marina is.

Once you have found the marina you may find that the main gates are shut and locked because this is a secure facility with 24hr security. If that is the case then you need to give us a call so we can come and let you in. Once you have entered the marina just follow the track around to the right until you reach a swing bridge. Have a quick check to make sure there are no boats coming on or out of the marina (they have right of way) and press the button. The bridge will swing open and you can drive across. Hannah is the very first boat on the right after the bridge. You can pull up to off-load your stuff before parking the car further up the road in the car park. Please try and stay off the grass as you will get told off!!!!

Moored up near Whilton at a fantastic fresh farm produce shop alobgside the canal

If you need a poo on arrival then pull up after entering the marina and use the main toilet block on your right - don't ever get a boater started on the toilet subject, it's best to just get it out of the way before you board!

What to bring

The most important thing to pack is beer and wine. Enough said. You don't need much more apart from clothing for all eventualities, your toothbrush, a camera of some description and sensible shoes - high heels don't work no matter how sexy you look. Of course food donations are welcome if we are going out for an extended period and anything else you feel you may need. You do not need bedding or towels, all of that is already on-board. There are full showering facilities etc. so it really is a bit like a hotel, just don't expect us to wait on you hand and foot!

What to expect

A good laugh in a fantastic relaxing atmosphere! Seriously, forget any misconceptions you may have as you are going to experience a completely different way of life to what most people experience. Tranquillity, beautiful surroundings and a very slow chug along the canal is truly amazing and soul cleansing. You will get to captain the boat if you wish - in fact we encourage you to do so! If you are with us for just a day trip then we will potter up to Nether Heyford and have a BBQ or a pub lunch before relaxing with a few glasses of wine or beer before returning to the marina. If you are with us overnight or longer then the canal network is out there for us to explore further. Waking up to the sound of ducks pecking at the hull is truly wonderful, especially as it signals the start of a brand new day and breakfast in the middle of nowhere!

Moored up near Whilton at a fantastic fresh farm produce shop alobgside the canal
Moored up near Whilton at a fantastic fresh farm produce shop alobgside the canal